Welcome to the Florida WMA Hunting Satisfaction Study.

Please enter your seven digit personal ID code found on your post card to access the WMA survey. When you enter your personal ID code below and click submit you will be asked a few questions and then you will taken to a list of the more than 150 DIFFERENT WMAs in Florida.

We need your feedback on each one that you visited during the past season. Choose any one to start. Each WMA you evaluate will take about five or ten minutes to complete. When you start evaluating a WMA, you must complete it. So if you don't have time to complete it, don't start it. Just come back later. WMAs that you have already evaluated are designated by a gray color. You many evaluate as many WMAs that you have hunted in the past year as you want, at any one sitting, as long as you complete them.

Once you leave the survey you will need your personal ID code to re enter the WMA survey system, to evaluate additional WMAs. So please keep your post card in a safe place or write down your WMA survey personal ID code for future reference. It cannot be replaced. Also, do not share your personal ID code  with anyone. If you do and they hunted the same WMAs as you, their data will overwrite yours and all of your time inputting the data will have been wasted.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our Florida WMA survey. Working together we can help secure the future for hunting in Florida for our children. ~ The FWC Survey Team.

If you are exempt from needing a permit to access wildlife management areas and would like to participate in the surveys, please click here to continue.
Location of Personal ID Code on back of postcard
Any questions, please contact support@surveyroom.com